Many visitors that hop on board Doolin Ferry to visit the Aran Islands have so many questions for us such as; ‘How do people live out there?  Where did they come from?  What do they do for a living?’.  Well here is a series of some beautifully made new videos that help answer those questions by the Aran LIFE Project.

The Aran LIFE Project is a demonstration project that aims to develop the best conservation management practices of local farmers on the designated Natura 2000 sites of the three islands (protected habitats for flora and fauna of European importance).  Aran LIFE hones in on farming activities on the islands within the Natura designated sites, harnessing local farming knowledge and experience with the scientific expertise of other project partners to overcome some of the challenges of island farming and to improve the conservation status of the designated sites.  This is a fantastic insight into life on Aran and the importance conservation.


For more episodes visit the ARAN LIFE channel on youtube.