Puffin Mural at Doolin Pier

Doolin Pier, the departure point for ferry crossings to the Aran Islands and Cliffs of Moher Cruises, now boasts a stunning new mural that has captivated the hearts of all who have seen it.

Huffin and Puffin mural

The colourful artwork portrays two charming Atlantic puffins, one with its wing outstretched in an inviting embrace, creating a unique interactive experience that invites passersby to step into the picture and become a part of the enchanting scene.
The second puffin proudly shows off his catch from a successful fishing expedition, his orange beak filled with shimmering silver herring. In the background, the wild Atlantic Ocean stretches out, its waves gently crashing against the base of the cliffs. The sky is painted with hues of soft violet and pink conjuring up images of summer sunsets at Doolin pier.
Renowned Clare based artist, Marcus O’Connor of West Murals has skillfully captured the essence of the Atlantic puffins that frequent the Cliffs of Moher during the breeding season, bringing their playful and endearing nature to life in this larger-than-life artwork. The mural not only celebrates the rich natural beauty of the Clare coastline but also invites people to forge a deeper connection with the wildlife that inhabits it.
“We wanted to create something that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of Doolin Pier but also offers a memorable and interactive experience for everyone who visits,” said Liam O’Brien, owner of Doolin Ferry who commissioned the mural. “The idea of having one of the puffins extend a wing of friendship will hopefully foster an appreciation of the incredible harmony that exists between nature and humanity and our collective responsibility to protect our seas and the rich marine life that it supports”.
Doolin Ferry proudly supports the work of Fair Seas which is campaigning for 30% of Irish waters to be classed as Marine Protected Areas by 2030. The areas surrounding the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands are extremely important for biodiversity and one of the most important coastal areas of interest for seabirds in terms of diversity and volume, with roughly 65,000 birds breeding here.
Doolin Ferry put a call-out on its social media channels for ideas on what to name the two seabird characters with a Cliffs of Moher Cruise for Two up for grabs. A flood of entries was received, and the winning entry ‘Huffin and Puffin’ has just been announced.
Doolin Pier has long been a gathering place for those seeking a connection with nature, the sea, and the local community. This mural further enhances the pier’s appeal, offering a space where residents and visitors can engage in conversations, admire the views, and of course take a picture with Huffin and Puffin!