Red Bull Cliff Diving on Inis Mor

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

The 2020 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series would have been the 12th season of the international cliff diving spectacular. The event was scheduled to begin on 16 May in Bali, Indonesia. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic this series had to be postponed until 2021. Red Bull Cliff diving Ireland 2014 was a spectacular event!

We were lucky enough to experience this thrill seeking competition at Poll na bPheist on Inis Mór (Inishmore), Aran Islands in 2012, 2014 and 2017!

What is The Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition?

14 divers from nine nationalities battled it out on the Irish stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition.

The contestants jump dramatically from three times the Olympic height with no protection. Skill and concentration is a must! The contestants have about a three second window to perfect their form before hit the surface of the water. This can be at speeds of up to 100km/h.

It’s a huge challenge mentality, physically, and believe or not… mathematically. Leaping from a 27m-high platform is quite literally a calculated risk. By tensing muscles before hitting the water the divers protect themselves from injury. Talk about precision!


Where was it held?

The exciting two day competition was held at the Serpent’s Lair (Poll na Peist) on Inis Mór (Inismore). The Serpent’s Lair or ‘Wormhole’ is a natural rock formation found on Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands.

According to ancient mythology the Serpent’s Lair or ‘blow whole’ is home to a Sea Serpent which lives beneath the entrance. The sound of screeching stormy winds is said to be the great Serpent making its presence felt.

Nine time cliff diving world champion Colombian Orlando Duque says that “the Serpent’s Lair is one of those places that you only hear stories about. Finding the place and being able to dive there was one of the highlights of my career.”

Check out the video on the Redbull YouTube Channel.


Inis Mór Top Sights to See

When Poll na bPeist is not a World Series Sport’s Stage it rests quietly on Inishmore (Inis Mór). It is situated 1.6km south of the cliff side fort of Dun Aonghasa. You can see this fort clearly from the boat when traveling from Doolin to Inis Mor by ferry due to its tremendous size. You can see here for more on What to Do on Inis Mor.

You may be surprised to learn that the perfectly shaped rectangular pool is not man made. Coastal erosion from the strong Atlantic Sea has formed this wonderful site. It’s underground channels are connected to the sea which fill’s the pool through low & high tide.

Be sure to add this spot to your list when when visiting Inis Mór from Doolin because it’s a must see.  We do not recommend swimming or diving here. Leave that to the pro’s!

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