Aran Islands- What to bring?

Visit the Aran Islands

Wondering what you need to bring on your trip to the Aran Islands? With over 50 years experience in traveling to and from the Aran Islands, Doolin Ferry Co have this down to a tee!

As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather- just bad clothing! The success of any trip always lies in the preparation so here’s a list of tips that we have put together to ensure you have a lovely time on the Aran Islands or on a Cliffs of Moher Cruise with Doolin Ferry Co.

Passengers boarding Aran Islands Express ferry at Doolin Pier with Doolin Ferry Company.

What to Bring to the Aran Islands

  1. LAYERS! Irish weather is so changeable so expect 4 seasons in a day. A little backpack with a warm jumper and a waterproof jacket is always a good idea. Fingers crossed that you won’t need it but better to be prepared. A change of socks and a t-shirt for emergencies will see you through!
  2. Comfortable footwear. Accommodation and things to see around the Aran Islands will most likely require some aspect of walking, cycling or hiking! Ensure that you’ve something warm and comfortable on your feet. You can check out more options on how to get around Inis Mor, how to get around Inis Oirr, and how to get around Inis Meain.
  3. There’s lots of places to eat and drink on the islands so you won’t ever be stuck for refreshments. Check out our short Video of Where to eat and drink, and what to do on the Aran Islands. Pack a few snacks to keep you going too for emergencies!
  4. ATM’S on the Aran Islands- unfortunately ATM’s are hard come by so make sure to bring cash with you.
  5. Sun cream! Believe it or not the sun on the Aran Islands is strong (even on those cloudy days!) make sure to have some sun protection with you.
  6. Booking a ferry to the Aran Islands- best way is to book online in advance. The summer months are particularly busy for trips to the Aran Islands and so it’s a good idea to pre-book your seat in advance to guarantee your preferred travel time. You’ll also save up to 30% by booking online at Doolin Ferry Co.


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