Do you remember last year when we had almost three months of glorious sunshine and roaring temperatures? It feels like a distant memory! The summer of 2019 has most definitely not gotten off to the same start but let’s not despair… there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing!


The success of any trip always lies in the preparation – so here’s a list of tips that we have put together to ensure you have a lovely time on the Aran Islands or on a Cliffs of Moher cruise with Doolin Ferry Co. this summer.


  1. LAYERS! Irish weather is so changeable so expect 4 seasons in a day. A little backpack with a warm jumper and a waterproof jacket is always a good idea. Fingers crossed that you won’t need it but better to be prepared. A change of socks and t shirt for emergencies will see you through!
  2. Comfortable footwear. Accommodation and things to see around the islands will most likely require some aspect of walking, cycling or hiking! Ensure that you’ve something warm and comfortable on your feet.
  3. There’s lots of places to eat and drink on the islands so you won’t ever be stuck for refreshments but it’s always a good idea to have some fruit, snacks and water in your backpack for emergencies as supermarkets may close early. You might just spot an amazing quiet beach for an impromptu picnic!
  4. ATM’s can be hard to come by – so if you need cash be sure to get it before you travel.
  5. The sun can be strong here even if it’s not that warm so be sure to have some sun block with you for glorious bike rides around the islands!
  6. We battle the Atlantic Ocean daily and while our Doolin Express has a state of the art stabilization system, if you’re prone to seasickness it’s a good idea to take some anti-sickness medication before travelling.
  7. Book online in advance. The summer months are particularly busy for trips to the Aran Islands and so it’s a good idea to pre book your seat in advance to guarantee your preferred travel time. You’ll also save up to 30% by booking online at