About Doolin Ferry with Bill O’Brien

The original founder, creator, and pioneer of the ferries from Doolin to The Aran Islands is our very own Bill O’Brien. It’s a story of chance and good old Irish creativity! Bill was a young local farmer who often visited the fine establishments of Doolin (the pubs of course). One fine summer’s day he met two American ladies who were visiting the area. Being able to see the Aran Islands from Doolin Pier they asked Bill:

“Can you tell us what’s out there across the water?

“I can do you one better, I’ll show you!”

The Original Doolin Ferry Company by Currach Doolin Ferry Company with Bill O'Brien at Doolin Pier. contact bill o brien

Meet Bill O’Brien

Shane Ross Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport and Liam O'Brien.

Meet Liam O’Brien

Liam O’Brien with Shane Ross, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and Maureen Ledwith Sales Director of Holiday World Shows. 

Liam is Bill O’Brien’s son and business partner in The Doolin Ferry Company.  No resemblance there at all!  Liam is our First Captain, General Manager, and all around go to guy so you can find him doing everything from sailing your ferry to giving you live commentary on our Cliffs of Moher Cruise.

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So off they set out from Doolin Pier in a traditional currach for an adventure to Aran and history was made. Little did the two ladies know that was his maiden voyage in the year of 1970.

Over the many years since as Ireland changed so did the original ‘Doolin Ferries’. That original company no longer exists as it has grown and transformed into Doolin Ferry with Bill O’Brien!  Bill is always seeking to improve and grow his business working within the local environment. Little by little with the help of his son Liam O’Brien and family he upgraded his fleet gradually to what it is today. To this day we have many a’ visitor return that has traveled with Bill in the early years. They have fond memories of the 70′s, 80′s, and 90’s when they traveled to the islands in a much different time.

Doolin Ferry is a proud member of The Burren Eco Tourism Network, visit www.burren.ie

Doolin Ferry is located within and proudly promotes The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark.

Doolin Ferry is the #1 Boat Tour on Tripadvisor

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